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Fun Facts About The Artist


In 2005 I received my Bachelor of Design Degree at Alberta University of Arts and Design (formally ACAD). I was also awarded a scholarship to study in New York at The School Of Visual Arts for a year. I stayed there for ten.


I’ve lived in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. I prefer Brooklyn.

When I moved to Cambodia I fell I love with Dragonfruit. I ate at least one every day for a year. Locals called me "Dragonfruit Lady". 


A little monkey used to steal my neighbor’s underwear off of her closeline and leave them on my balcony. (so awkward) 


I've gone swimming with Buddhist monks underneath a sacred waterfall.


I think chocolate ruins perfectly good ice-cream.


If I won the lottery, I would take a year off to travel the world and then another year off to draw about it. 


I’ve been keeping an artistic journal of my illustrated alter ego "Miss Molly" for the past decade. I have over 400 entries. This has become my personal passion-project.

I teach art over Skype and also in person. I like to teach by example, so I draw as we go. Interested in taking a class? Just want to chat?  Send me an email.


To see some of my advertising work, visit 

To see a list of clients, awards and my work experience, check out my resume.

Follow me on facebook at "Creations By Kendra" and on instagram at "creations_by_kendra" 


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