Children's Book :  Curious Soriya


Published in South East Asia, this book was used in classrooms and at home to teach children and their parents the importance of eating protein year round, specifically fish during dry season when protein is hard to come by.


Laughlin Loves To Build


I turned this book into a video for my Nephew who loves to build.


Friends Find a Way  

I created this book for my daughter and her friend. They could not play together during COVID 19. This book let's them know that distance doesn't come between friends. 


Small Hands, Big Help 

This book helps kids understand that they too can help others during COVID 19. 


Nishant Goes To School


This short narrative was used in India to help teach parents and children the importance of early childhood education. The simple chalkboard drawing style reinforces the classroom atmosphere and major learning tools, while the colourful metal background texture is taken from the children's desks in the schools.

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Humorous "How-To" :  Learn Just Enough...


Published by Seven Footer Press, this humorous "how to" book targets libidinous lads looking for quick and easy ways to appeal to the opposite sex. The book contains over 200 instructional illustrations, demonstrating a range of desirable skills. 


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